"One of underground digital cinema’s best-kept secrets: a prankster punk, an ass-kicking rebel priest." — Olaf Moeller, Film Comment


A perfectly pitched soccer vignette, Can & Slippers might be the symbolic focal point of Khavn’s entire oeuvre. Viewers may swoon over the bravura opening montage, be stunned by the realization that the film’s bad-ass soccer player is actually a one-legged kid hobbling on crutches, and then be blown away when he bends it like Beckham, but there’s always the feeling that, for all its joy and playfulness, this is much closer to the ugly truth of the Pinoy condition than anyone wants to admit. Khavn mentioned that the slum where he shot his short isn’t far from where he lives, and that it’s quite common for the poor to let an ailing limb rot away because no one can afford medical care. (Olaf Moeller, Film Comment)

Piling plays soccer with a tin can through the slums of Manila. A new Maradona? Strikingly captivating and accessible short film by someone who tends to make more experimental and raw films, even though the situation in the film is raw enough as it is. We follow Piling, a young soccer fanatic, through a slum district of Manila. No ball or cleats, but a Coke can and flip-flops are the ingredients for a virtuoso demonstration of the football art. Only at the end does it become apparent why the little ball juggler will never be a Ronaldinho. (Gertjan Zuilhof, International Film Festival Rotterdam)

A boy from the slums plays football. His soccer ball is an empty can of Coke and his soccer shoes are a pair of flip-flops. A shocking message about the real world awaits you at the end. (The Con-Can Movie Festival)

Can & Slippers serves as a two-minute example of the art of football while running through the narrow streets of the poor neighbourhood to the dump that surrounds it. (Doc Alliance)

International Title: Can & Slippers
Original Title: Lata At Tsinelas

Artistic and Cultural Programme, FIFA World Cup, Germany, 2006
Opening Ceremony, 28th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2006
Shoot Goals! Shoot Movies! Football Short Film Competition
55th Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2005
Tampere International Short Film Festival
Kids Only, 34th Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2005
Tiger Cub Competition, 34th Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2005
International Competition, 13th Vila Do Conde International Short Film Festival, 2005
Austin Asian Film Festival, Texas, USA, 2007
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, 2006
3rd Akbank Shortfilm Festival, Istanbul, 2006
Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival, Denmark
Festival Off-Courts de Trouville, France
7a Lucania Film Festival, Italy
Ecovision Festival, Palermo, Italy
10th International Tehran Short Film Festival, Iran, 2005
14th Damascus International Film Festival, Syria, 2005
29th Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2005
Spazio Immagini Competition, 7th Morbegno International Film Festival, 2005
4th La Palma International Digital Film Festival, 2005
2nd Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival, 2005
41st Pesaro International Film Festival, 2005
18th Singapore International Film Festival, 2005

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